As one of the country’s best and most professional event production specialists we are proud to say our clients remain loyal to us for a lifetime. In many cases, we have become the regular special event producers for some of the country’s most prominent corporations and organizations. This accomplishment may be attributed to two basic facts: firstly, we take over the headache associated with the production process in the most efficient and professional manner, and secondly – we always deliver the goods and live up to our promises, while strictly complying with the timetables and budget constraints dictated to us.

For the past decade, Gilad Team has tapped into the private function field, with a special emphasis on the production of special events in Israel for overseas clients. Our unique capabilities and proven track record enable us to produce private functions and family events conforming to the highest standards for clients residing abroad, who only travel to Israel for the actual event. We take charge of the entire production process, from the initial concept to the finishing touches, while closely communicating with the client abroad, with whom we share the details – to the extent of involvement desirable to the client. All significant decisions along the way are made jointly with the client, who receives the best advice and support. Our goal is to guarantee that our clients arrive at their function relaxed and calm, as if they were invited guests, confident in the knowledge that the production process, up to that moment and until the conclusion of the event, is being run in the most professional, serious and efficient manner possible.

Come be a guest at your own event!