Stefan Vogt - Germany

We took a tour with "Gilad Team" to the Galilee and the Kineret and It was a great experience. 
Gilad organized everything extremely well. Travel and accommodation was perfect, and still we felt like really getting very close to the country and the people. I think I never had an organized tour where I learned as much about the places I visited as I did here. 
Gilad is very knowledgeable and friendly, and also very humorous. The trip was fun from the beginning to the end. I really would recommend Gilad if you look for a tour that is beyond the usual standards.

Stefan Vogt,
Frankfurt am Main,



Hiro Suzuki - Japan

It was a wonderful experience to visit historical sites in Israel with a perfect travel company. 
Jerusalem becomes to be a special place to me and Eilat trip through desert is one of my unforgettable memories. 
Thank you for all of your kindness and your professional travel arranges.

Hiro Suzuki

Tokyo Japan

united states

The Zuck family - NY

Dear Gilad 
We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 
We have celebrated our Bar- Mitzvah with you and we are astonished by your work. 
From the first conversations with us for the budget and to your conversation with Ilan to find out exactly what he wonts for his celebration and stay in budget. 
As I am from the hotel business I wanted to go deep and check everything you assured me that I can just come to the event and enjoy myself. 
So that what happened beautiful and very very professional event that we enjoyed. We would like to thank you for all your effort your attention to details and personality 
The Zuck family  



Oron Branitzky - Paris

Dear Gilad 
Thank you so much for orchestrating & conducting the Bar Mitzvah party to my son Nadav. 
As you know, due to my position in Paris, I was not able to take care of the arrangements myself & you filled the gap for me, taking care of every detail we could think about. 
You did it in almost "invisible" manner yet in most professional manner.

Warmest Regards 
Oron Branitzky

Rue de Chaillot 41 Paris 75016

united states

Moran and Guy Hirsch - California

On July 2006 Gilad and his team organized my wedding in Tel- Aviv. 
Gilad was patient and accommodating to all of our wishes and helped making all our dreams and wishes happen. 
He had creative ideas and the execution was perfect, we couldn't ask for a better, more details oriented person. 
The day of the wedding was emotional and Gilad made sure that we won't need to worry about anything in the event and manages all the providers and staff behind the seen professionally and elegantly. 
He is working with great providers – locations, alternative seating building, food, flowers, music and above. we HIGHLY recommend having Gilad manage any event.

Moran and Guy Hirsch,

Oakland, California

united kingdom

Sharon Shani - London

I can just say good things about Gilad Starik and his constant investing in his company “ Gilad Team”. 
Always updating and full of fresh ideas. Always going the extra mile to ensure customers are truly satisfied. I can certainly vouch for using “Gilad Team” to make your event memorable and enjoyable. 
Great value for money to have your special day organized in a very professional manner.

Sharon Shani

London – England


Nava and Itzik Hurwitz - Israel

November 2014 Gilad and the team, A few words to express our gratitude and appreciation for your contribution in organizing the wedding event of our daughter and her husband. 
The event was organized to perfection. It is very clear that the high quality and the professionalism in which everything was handled indicates that you are very experienced in organizing such events. 
Everything was flawless, from the design of the hall, the emphasis on the timing of the reception, the wedding ceremony and the dinner, all while adhering to the smallest details, has made the event a success! 
The positive feedback we have received from our guests, made us very proud and satisfied. We will recommend your services wholeheartedly, to all our family and friends who are planning to celebrate their happy events in the future.

Sincerely yours, 
Nava and Itzik 
Hurwitz Givataym



Abigail & Ohad - Israel

November 2014 
To Gilad and the fabulous team, Ohad and I wish to express our thanks for your assistance in organizing our "Dream Wedding". 
It is you and the team that made our wedding a special and memorable event. Everything was set precisely as we have visioned it to be, up to the smallest details. You nailed it! 
Thank you for giving us such a wonderful experience. Our wedding event will be a great story to tell even to our grandchildren…

Sincerely yours. 
Abigail & Ohad

Tel-Aviv Israel


אבישג ורפי שקד גביש,רמת גן

במסגרת הפתעת יום הולדת לבן זוגי חלמתי על 24 שעות של של להיות "תיירים בבית"

פניתי ל"צוות גלעד" עם הרעיון "בגדול" וזכינו לטיפול מסור ומדוייק מבחירת מלון בוטיק מקסים במיקום נפלא ועד לדאגה לפרטים הקטנים ביותר להשלמת החוויה.

ובעיקר זכינו לאכפתיות שליוותה אותנו ביממה הזו…מרגע ההגעה ועד יום למחרת.

תודה רבה!!!


The Altman family - Toronto

We know Gilad for years,

so choosing him for helping us with our son's "bar mitzvah" was obvious.

Gilad planned every detail, the event was a success and we were able to enjoy it like each one of our guests.

The Altman family – Toronto

מלון שפיים

לגלעד היקר,

רוצים להודות לך מקרב הלב על נופש שכמותו עוד לא חווינו. לא כסיסמא אלא באמת.

כזה שמורגש בו שהייתה השקעה בכל הפרטים. גדולים כקטנים. התכנים היו מהנים ומיוחדים, המלון מפנק במיוחד והליווי שלך שעטף הכול ונתן הרגשה לכולם שאפשר פשוט להירגע וליהנות.

לא יצאנו לנופש בחמש השנים האחרונות והנה יוצאים והחוויה משאירה אותנו עם טעם של עוד.

פידבקים שקיבלתי משני המחזורים:

" שאפו. לא חשבנו שנהנה כפי שנהנינו. היה מושלם"

" ערב חמישי הוא ערב שאזכור עוד הרבה שנים קדימה. הייתה חוויה מצמררת"

" לבד לא הייתי מגיעה לראות ולעשות את מה שעשינו. תודה לכם."

" הנופש היה בסימן פינוקים! כל הזמן רק לפנק, לפנק, לפנק"

" איך מצאתם את המפעילים של טיול חמישי ושל בוקר שישי? אני רוצה לעשות בול אותו דבר  

   אצלי בעבודה".

" גלעד תמיד היה שם בכל מקום ובכל שעה. ניכר שהוא סוכן ברמה הגבוהה ביותר".


אז שוב גלעד – המון תודה. היה טיול שייזכר.  בבקשה העבר את תודתנו גם לאבשלום ולכל הצוות המקצועי ומעורר ההשראה שעבד אתך.

מחכים לעבוד שוב בשנה הבאה,

צוות מלון שפיים.