Gilad Starik has a bachelor’s degree in hotel management and a master’s degree in business administration.

His resume includes various management positions in Israeli luxury hotels, where he specialized in food & beverages with the emphasis on the marketing, management and production of special events. Additionally, Gilad served as assistant GM of Israel’s leading travel, tourism and convention firm

In 1993, Gilad established GILAD TEAM, being one of the first companies to specialize in corporate events. In the 24 years since its establishment, the company has produced countless events for clients from the corporate and business sector and has established itself as one of Israel’s best and most professional event production firms.

many of the country’s most prominent corporations and organizations, have made GILAD TEAM their regular event production company.

For the past decade, GILAD TEAM has also been providing special events planning, especially for overseas clients who plan private and family events in Israel. The team takes care of the entire production process, from the initial concept to the finishing touches, while closely communicating with the client abroad – to the extent of involvement desirable to the client. The goal is to guarantee that the client arrive at their events relaxed and calm, as if they were invited guests, confident in the knowledge that the production process, is being handled in the most professional and efficient manner.


Congratulations! You have decided to hold your special event in Israel. Producing an event is quite a challenge, and surely, there are enough details to attend to at your end from invites and travel plans to think about.

Naturally, for the event planning you need someone local, reliable, professional and experienced.

Under the dynamic leadership of Gilad Starik , GILAD TEAM fulfill this for you. The team will take complete responsibility for planning your event and every aspect of it. The goal is to see you arrive at your event relaxed and calm, as if you were invited guests, confident in the knowledge that every single aspect and detail of your event has been taken care of in the most professional and efficient manner. From music, gourmet food to décor and photography, from transportation and accommodation to you and your guest’s itinerary for the rest of your visit, GILAD TEAM will take care of everything for you, and above all –  will give you the peace of mind that stems from the knowledge that your event is being produced by professionals.