GILAD TEAM is the only event planning agency in Israel that has been engaged exclusively in special events since 1993.


GILAD TEAM specializes in planning, organizing and producing special events. The team will take full responsibility for the event’s production, from conceptualizing to execution, while staying within the budget, time constraints and paying attention to all details.


Gilad Starik, our founder and owner, is a professional event’s organizer for many years.

Gilad personally oversees all projects.


Each member of the team is an accomplished professional who has studied their profession seriously and gained extensive practical experience.


All of the team, from the caterers to the bands and the floral designers to the photographers, are amongst the country’s best.

Why choose the GILAD TEAM?

To be unique and make a lasting impression, an event must have meaningful content. To achieve this, at GILAD TEAM we will try to avoid the “venue-design-cuisine” formula and infuse our events with special ideas, by employing content providers and especially by encouraging and supporting the creation of original themes by the clients!

The members of our team are known for their “joie de vivre”, empathy, creative imagination, organizational and planning skills, resourcefulness and ability to perform under pressure, attention to detail, perfectionism, reliability and integrity.